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Truck World 2014 Show In Toronto Is Here

Will you be at the National Truck World Show in Toronto, Ontario? If you have ever been to a truck show or love trucks in general, you don't want to miss this show. Last year the National Truck World Show was missed in Toronto however if you were near Dallas.


Is Xp3 Fuel Enhancer a Fuel Additive Snake Oil?

What is Snake Oil?  Is Xp3 Fuel Enhancer a snake oil fuel enhancer option?

Simply put - the term Snake oil is an expression of a fraudulent health product which was offered to resolve health claims. Then, why do people call fuel additives, snake oil? If you ask the millions.


Obama to Direct the EPA to Create Tougher Fuel Standards

Obama will address the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) and the Transportation Department this coming Tuesday to discuss tougher fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks by 2016, whereas all heavy-duty trucks produced should meet these new standards by 2018. The transportation sector is the second largest greenhouse producer which accounts.


What Is Ethanol?

What Is Ethanol?

The first misconception is that ethanol is a new additive, product or chemical. It's not! Ethanol has been around since the Model T Ford, however, people use to sell ethanol as moonshine (illegal alcohol trade) which caused the laws to change around the production of ethanol. Now that ethanol.


Why Winter Fuel Can Hurt Your Fuel Economy

Have you ever wondered why during the winter months your fuel economy goes down?  Why does fuel freeze even when 'Winter Blended"? What can you to to increase your fuel economy during the winter months?

There have been many changes to our environment over the years which have caused governments.


Beware Before You Drive And Use Your Mobile Phone

The Cellphone or Smartphone as many are  accustomed to know them as has been part of our everyday life for millions of people.  We keep them with us all the time, never forgetting to put them in our purse, our pants pocket or even carrying them on our hip.


Trucking Business Challenges For The Year 2014 and Beyond

2013 has been a challenging year for many trucking businesses whereas 2014 these same challenges will be at the forefront again.  While many trucking companies equip their companies with better fuel efficient trucks, they also realize that these trucks need more care while sometimes becoming more costly to repair. New.


How to Restore Your Fuel Injectors to Increase Fuel Efficiency?

When To Replace The Fuel Injectors of a truck or car is something that barely ever crosses the mind of today's consumers. What are fuel injectors?  Fuel injectors are located in the engine of a truck or car and has the sole responsibility to deliver fuel to the engine's cylinders in a.


Dangerous Truck Explosion As People Stop To Watch

A truck involved in an highway accident ends up exploding almost 40 times while people stop to take videos and reverse their cars and even do u-turns on the highway. This truck must have been some kind of fuel carrier but we hope the driver was safe. What you notice in this.


Top 5 Concerns Truck Owner-Operators Shared At The Fergus Truck Show

As a Fuel Consultant I barely get the chance to speak to Truck Owner-Operators about the benefits of using Xp3 Fuel Enhancer since the product was created to resolve commercial  Small/Medium and Large Company Fleet problems. It was a pleasure speaking to Truck Owner-Operators from July 26-29 at the Fergus Truck.

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